2-6 Players - Age 16+
60 Minutes

The Cellar is our newest and most terrifying escape room. Do you have the guts to find your way out?

You must be 16 years or older to book this room.

The last thing you remember was talking to your friends at the party. Now, you’re slowly coming back to consciousness in a dingy and dark room. You hear the slow consistent drip of a leaky pipe. The floorboards are creaking above you signalling that someone is moving around upstairs. You feel around in the dark for the door, but when you finally stumble upon it, you realize that it’s chained and bolted shut.

As you panic about the room, you realize that you are the subject of someone’s sick and twisted game with very real and dire consequences. Win the game, and walk out with your life. Lose, and face the consequences of a vicious serial killer.

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